Where to find Arabic food with live music Restaurant in Dubai

food with live music Restaurant in Dubai

Among the amazing and rich experiences Arab has to offer, food and music are some of the best. It is strange to visit UAE for the first time and come back not talking about the lingering taste in your mouth. Or about the soulful vibe of that traditional music while eating out.Do you want to get the best of rich Arabic food and live music when you visit Dubai the next time? Here is a list of amazing places to visit.

  • Al Koufa

Al Koufa offers a unique ambiance and looks, although it is a traditional restaurant just like many in the city. However, with its ambiance and looks, the restaurant also offers some of the best flavors and live music that makes you realize why, in fact, the Middle East is praised for its traditional food and music.

We recommend you bring your family to enjoy the environment, art, and all kinds of food like fresh juices, desserts, or beverages like tea and coffee.

  • Al Khaimah 

Al Khaimah is situated near Le Royal Meridien Beach, which offers a beautiful view of the beach both during the day and the night. With the traditional etiquette and folk dance going on in the restaurant, you are sure to have a classic experience. Al Khaimah offers authentic Arabic food, with live music by Arabic bands, and often you have the chance to enjoy some belly dancing. A gorgeous evening is the finest time to visit Al Khaimah.

  • Nay Restaurant and Lounge 

When visiting Dubai, if you are in the mood for some authentic Lebanese food, then Nay Restaurant and Lounge at Emirates Financial Towers is worth the time and money you are about to spend. This restaurant is renowned for offering the best authentic Middle-Eastern food that can be enjoyed with live entertainment like singing and dancing, creating an incredible and worthwhile vibe. 

  • Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant at the Palm Atlantis

Ayamna Lebanese Restaurant at the Palm Atlantis is a way to relive your childhood memories in the Middle East. If you grew up in the Middle East, this place would give you something to remember flavors from the past and make new memories of flavor and good music.


Finding Arabic food with live music in Dubai isn’t always challenging but note that not every restaurant in the city will offer you authentic Arabic food. So, why take a chance. Just visit the places you know or are recommended by a friend, or better, by this post.

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