Arabic, Middle Eastern Shisha Restaurant in Oud Mehta, Dubai.

Enjoy live music, babysitting room, and an evening filled with entertainment. Book your table today!   Are you a foodie based in the UAE looking out for delightful cuisines? Then Al Koufa Restaurant is the right place for you! We have got a paradise of Middle Eastern food to go along with Shisha! We are […]

Best Middle East Arabic Dinner Buffet At Al Koufa

Al Koufa, your ideal perfect retreat. Live, entertaining, and traditional Arabic music will accompany you as you savour the best of the region’s food in the form of its affordable buffet system. There’s no better spot to meet up with friends, enjoy a great dinner, or try something new with your favourite Shisha other than […]

Best Arabic Restaurant In Dubai Offers Delicious Meals For Your Big Day

Do you wish to experience authentic Arabic food in Dubai? Then, Al Koufa is the place to sit back and relax at. While you get to taste the perfect blend of Arabic flavours in their unique cuisine, you can do so to the rhythm of live, entertaining and traditional music. So, if you are looking […]

Where to find Arabic food with live music Restaurant in Dubai

Among the amazing and rich experiences Arab has to offer, food and music are some of the best. It is strange to visit UAE for the first time and come back not talking about the lingering taste in your mouth. Or about the soulful vibe of that traditional music while eating out.Do you want to […]

Enjoy a Delightful Night Dinner with Family at Al Koufa

The nightlife and the family culture are something that is cherished in Dubai, and there is no place better than Al Koufa to enjoy both. In case you have found yourself with lots of time and family by your side in Dubai, what’s stopping you from making everyone’s time a little memorable?   With Al […]