Enjoy a Delightful Night Dinner with Family at Al Koufa

Enjoy a Delightful Night Dinner with Family at Al Koufa


The nightlife and the family culture are something that is cherished in Dubai, and there is no place better than Al Koufa to enjoy both. In case you have found yourself with lots of time and family by your side in Dubai, what’s stopping you from making everyone’s time a little memorable?


With Al Koufa, your experience will include:


Quality Food and Entertainment


Al Koufa is striving toward offering premium quality food and entertainment to the customers or guests in a super chill environment. From authentic food to the best of Middle-Eastern recipes, dining out at Al Koufa will be memorable.


Al Koufa is known for its strict commitment to food safety standards, so trying out new food is not as scary for you. 


Etiquette and Hospitality


While professionalism is one of the top priorities when approaching our guests and customers, Al Koufa finds a way to make it equally friendly and fun. From setting your table to serving you wine, or from taking your order to recommending you dishes, the staff is well-trained to make customers satisfied and feel special for the rest of the day.


It is undoubtedly evident that the restaurant has some of the best and most well-trained staff for customer service, and all of them are in a positive mood in general. 


Excellent Singing and Entertainment


Dubai is a place popular for its nightlife with live music, and Al Koufa is probably one of the restaurants that contribute to that popularity.


At Al Koufa, you will find some of the best and most renowned musicians in the region performing some of the most soulful traditional music. Al Koufa’s live music is something that makes you keep wanting more, and best for spending the whole night out if you want to. 


Family Atmosphere


Al Koufa, with rich interiors and decors, is a restaurant that is suitable for anyone who wants to spend some quality time with good and authentic food and music. But unlike most restaurants, it doesn’t make families feel odd out.


Al Koufa’s atmosphere is designed keeping family time in mind and is one of the best places to be with family while visiting Dubai.




From different types of soup to delicious meat recipes, Al Koufa does both vegetarian and non-vegetarian absolutely well. With a reasonable rate, the restaurant is known to keep the customers coming back for more.

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